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How We Work

Big Moon Little Stars prepares your home for the sale by transforming it into a secure, boutique-style environment that showcases your possessions in an attractive and desirable light. Experience tells us that when we highlight your items in a clean, professional way, shoppers appreciate what they see, and will spend more time and money shopping with us. 

Big Moon Little Stars will









We provide everything that’s necessary to conduct the sale, from tables and clothing racks, to price tags and packing materials for our customers. We then conduct the sale with experienced and polite staff, ensuring a pleasant and respectful experience for all.  


Our sales are publicly advertised on, on and through our Facebook and Instagram accounts. We also notify our dedicated customers via email.  Finally, we attract foot traffic to the sale by posting signs on the roads surrounding the estate. 


At the sale’s conclusion, we provide you with a reconciliation letter and proceeds check. All of this is done with no up-front costs because we work entirely on commission, with no minimum.  Our commission, agreed upon before the contract is signed, is flexible depending on the size of the estate, timing and other factors.


We do everything we can to ensure your items sell, but no matter how good the estate sale, some items will be left over.  We offer a range of options to ensure that what remains is handled in a way of your choosing. 

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